Pico Sim Date

Your goal in the cool Pico Sim Date game is to help Pico win the heart of a girl named, Nene. Help Pico make Nene agree to go to the End-Year Dance with him before time runs out. Pico only has 75 days to make a move on Nene and get her consent for the dance. Get the Pico’s romantic side out and win the heart of a girl, who very well might be his future wife.

Use your mouse to play the amazing Pico Sim Date game. You can customize the various characteristics of Pico. Change Strength, Intelligence and Charm as per your preference. Go to different places to increase skill, energy is used when increasing skills and energy is replenished when Pico sleeps. Remember, sleeping skips to the next day.

Get romantic and win her hart in Pico Sim Date.