Batman is a fictional superhero which dates as far back as 1939 where his character appeared for the first time in in Detective Comics. Ever since the creation of this superhero, Batman has spawned into many different genres, including; TV series, movies, books and even games. Among other titles batman is also referred to as The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader and the World’s Greatest Detective.

When Batman is not on a mission to fight evil he is known as Bruce Wayne but no one knows that Bruce Wayne is actually Batman. Bruce Wayne is an American Millionaire philanthropist. He is also infamous for his playboy character and bashfulness. When he was only a child he had witnessed his parents being murdered right in front of his eyes. Ever since that day he swore his revenge against all criminals and committed his life to the fight against evil. Over the years Wayne had gone through intense training not only physically but mentally too.

The Batman series is based in the fictional city named Gotham City where a variety of villains reside. Some of the villains include; the Joker, the Penguin, the Ridder, Two-Face, ra’s al and Catwoman amongst others. As talented as Batman may be he could not do it without his assistants. His Crime Fighting assistant Robin has joined him on many missions against evil and has proven to be a useful sidekick. His Butler Alfred Pennyworth has been with him from the beginning and has proven to be a vital support system for Batman.

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