There is nothing better than Classic Mini Games. Your buddies can brag all about their super sci-fi hi-fi 3D games and graphics but these simple games just beat them at pure simplicity. What is better than putting on some relaxing music and playing some games that can make you smile?

This page is dedicated to all who love simple Mini Games and especially the classic versions. A total of 25 wow games await you here. Pick anyone and enter into the world called ‘put your feet up and relax’.

Take Donkey Kong for instance, you instantly get back into the eighties (assuming you were born then) or nineties and remember how it felt like when you played this game. All the nostalgia starts flowing from your brain cells and courses through your veins, fills you with happiness.

Other games that will surely interest you; Pokémon Tower Defense, Strip the Difference, Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled, Jewel Quest, Don’t Look Back, Asteroids, Bomb It, Classic Tetris, Combo X999, Curveball (you definitely remember this one).

Still hungry? Have some of; Frogger, Galagon (probably one of your most earliest games), Gold Miner, Invader 360, Jungle Fruits, Kaboom, Mahjong, Missile Command, Minesweeper Classic, Flash Minesweeper, Cat Mario Demo, Marble Lines, Aqua Bubble and Super Mario 63.

Now if you tell me that these games are not good enough then you’ll know that you’re lying. These games are handpicked and posted on one page just for you, so enjoy!