I know school is boring, and you hate science books, especially the physics book. This subject is just so dry that there is no fun in it. You keep on looking at weird pulleys, and action-reaction stuff. And when you get into higher classes you learn Einstein’s theory of relativity but where’s the fun in that? How can physics be actually fun to learn for students?

Here’s how, play these great Physics Games on this page and become the next Newton, Edison or Tesla. Trust me it’s all good. Most of the games incorporate projectile motion. You need to select the perfect projectile angle to launch your…umm… victim. Anyways, when you take some turns, you’ll learn that the most distance is covered when you launch at an angle of 45 degrees.

But the action doesn’t stop when you launch your ‘missile’ it actually begins from there on. Your objective in launching games like Rocket Toilet, Homerun in Berzerk Land: Berzerk Ball, Hedgehog Launch 2 and Sling Jumper 2 are to cover the maximum distance with your projectile. So when you get airborne, you can use arrow keys to cover further distance.

Other physics game include Castle Clout ROTK, Izzi, Pumpkin Remover, Splitter, Platform Racing 2, Epic Coaster, Burrito Bison, Pirates vs. Ninjas, Blow Things Up, Red Ball and Red Ball 2, Flaming Zombooka 2, Collapse It, Grow Tower, Sieger, and Red Beard.

Plenty of fun filled Physics lessons for you.