Congratulations! Your wish has been granted. You wanted some serious puzzles to solve as you were bored solving the small ones where you just slide one piece over another and the picture completes, what’s it called? Oh yes, the jigsaw puzzles.

Well my friend what you’re about to play is no jigsaw, not anywhere near, you’ll be solving mysterious puzzles and you don’t solve these puzzles for fun, your life depends on them.

You have a total of 26 Puzzle games here, lemme quickly introduce them; Pico Sim Date, Stop the Bus, Monkey Go Happy 4, Deal or no Deal, Tropical Swaps, Redstar Fall, Liquid Measure, Poppit, Isoball 3, Dead Frontier: Outbreak, Da Vinci Cannon.

Lemme catch my breath…others include; Traffic Jam, Zombie Survival Quiz, Rolling Fall, Family Feud 2, Dicewars, TU-95, The Light Temple, Dice Mogul, Submachine 7, Escape the Bathroom, Andrew the Droid, Escape the Ladies Room, Monster Basement and the Forest Temple.

I’m quite sure you must be thinking that some games can’t simply be that serious as this guy is telling me. You’re right, not all games are dead serious, and we don’t want to turn things gloom and doom. You have games like Poppit and Tropical Swaps that will keep your happy meter in check.

Let’s see how many puzzles you solve!