One thing that the invention of the mouse control has done is to improve the aiming of average computer user. But more importantly it has improved the pleasure and fun for gamers. No matter what kind of shooting game you play, it’s simply isn’t much fun without the mouse cursor.

Well, keeping in view the tradition of shooting games and how you like ‘em, this page has eleven of your favorite shooting games. Be sure that you’re in for some serious shooting here.

Start with City Siege, this game will put you right in the shooting mood. It’s a perfect kick off for the things to come. It’s a perfect balance of a complete shooting and a strategy game. You’re not shooting wildly like in those cowboy movies; you plan and defend your base this way. You move the guy on the field and control his gun with the mouse control.

Other shooting games include; Canyon Defense Desert Rifle 2, Madness Accelerant, Gun Blood, Foreign Creature 2, Mushroom Madness 2, Fly Hard 2, Upgrade Complete 2, Plasma Burst and Tactical Assassin.

I know you’re already impressed reading the names and looking at their thumbnail pictures but you’ll be really impressed when you’ll play the game. I guarantee you that there isn’t a single game on this page you’d find boring.

Happy shooting guys!