Do you know how Wikipedia defines adventure? It is defined over there as an ‘exciting’ or ‘unusual experience’ that usually involves ‘risky undertaking’. Well, I can’t agree more with them. And keeping in view the above definition, we have posted these games on this Adventure Games page, 4 of them.

These journeys are unusual and involve risky undertaking so we’re not going unorthodox here. For instance, start things off with The Visitor. It is an interactive adventure where you click various things on screen to solve the mystery and have your adventure. It’s not some fruity game where you click your way out; you need to find a pattern, logic in the happenings. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you’ll play.

If you feel like interacting with medieval fantasy characters, you can play Acruz 2. This is a game where you talk to different wise guys; no, this is not a taunt. You need to pay attention to their words of wisdom so you can complete your journey. Obviously the journey is more important than the end but what’s the use of a journey if you throw away the destination with your own hands.

You can also solve a mystery that involves your missing brother in Goliath the Soothsayer. But if you’re looking for an entirely different kind of adventure, you can play Sonny 2.

All kinds of adventure await you here, just play and enter into the world full of surprises.