It’s kind of funny that you don’t need to show any real skill to play this game except click to start. Yes but it is a skill to be easily amused and that’s exactly the game developers had in mind. You can play the Easiest Game Ever on this page.

Yes this game is for guys that just love simple tasks and enjoy even slightest happiness. The game almost starts on its own; there are no instructions, no need to use the keyboard arrow keys and no need to navigate around. Just enjoy simple lovely messages from the game creator.

The messages are quite encouraging as they tell you that you’re a winner, so this can be a good spot for people that just like to have fun while looking at simple pictures. The game starts almost on its own, you just bring the cursor over the game area and it starts congratulating you.

Probably the game is a message that, be proud of who are and you need to never give up as you’re already a champion. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, just live your own life according to your own rules. The game congratulates you for who you are.