The guys is not afraid of anything but the Kryptonite, this is your super-duper hero Superman. This game page has five Superman games for you.

In Metropolis Defender you save the metropolis by destroying the falling meteors. You don’t need to do anything special, just ram into the falling stones and you destroy them with your punch power. Yes Superman is that strong but you know when there’s a Kryptonite falling you can’t touch it. Use your laser beam to deal with it.

In Super Friends Spin N Set, you have a puzzle of your favorite Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. All the pieces are in the right place but some evil spell spun them around. So just click on them to spin ‘em the right way.

In the good old Superman, just watch out for stones and Kryptonite, move Superman safely to his destination. You know he’s got a city to save. In Superman Save Metropolis, you save the citizens from huge trouble. The thing is that an evil villain set off bombs in city skyscrapers and now debris is falling down on people. You need to save them with your super strength. We know you’re a super hero, always up for such tasks.

Superman Training Academy is a good old fist fight to train those guns you know. Superman needs to exercise too.

So what are you waiting for Superman?