No matter how grown up you think you are, you simply can’t stay away from Arcade Games. This page has seven super fantastic Arcade Games, all handpicked for your entertainment.

These games are nothing but fun. Even if you’re playing a fun looking game like Color Theory you’ll be learning a lot about colors and their combinations. For instance you’ll know what primary colors are, no wait there’s more, you’ll know what secondary colors, no that’s not all.

You’ll know what primary colors you mix to get which secondary color and even more, you will put this theory to practical test where you’ll be building bridges for a guy by mixing colors. I think enough said as I’ll be ruining the fun for you by telling you everything.

Other Arcade Games on this page include; Bloons Super Monkey, Frizzle Fraz, Cut the Rope Monster Island, House of Dead Ninjas and One Chance.

You’ll find some of these games only fun while others will be full of mystery. Consider this page a collage of different gaming genres. On one hand you’ll be solving a case in One Chance while in Monster Island; you’ll be shooting down evil guys by throwing all kinds of grenades at them.