Music Games
Everyone loves music; we have the perfect game for you music junkies called the DJ Sheepwolf. As the name suggests you’re the DJ and you create beats and mix music tracks. This is heavy game so be prepared for some music action.

Yes you get to play all kinds of crazy beats, you’re not creating music from scratch, some nice Kick, Snare and Cymbals loops are already in the game you just need to set the sequence. When you get the basic beat playing with buzz bass then jump on to the keyboard numeric-pad. Different numbers are assigned to different sounds. Try them all and keep experimenting, you’re in for the whole night.

Just make the dance floor go crazy with your rhythms and beats. Start things off with a blast then in the middle slow it down a bit so the folks can catch some breath. Near the end, turn up everything on full volume, and make the crowd never forget your sound.

This is game of rhythms and creativity. The more you have in your head the more it will show in this game. Just make sure that you keep experimenting with the instruments till you get completely satisfied. As I always say, the only limit is your own imagination this can’t be more true when you’re creating music as a DJ.