Calling all cars! Calling all cars! No not the cop cars, I’m calling all cars to the race track. This page is dedicated only to Racing Games. Don’t worry these are not some simple plain racing games where you press and hold one keyboard key and your guy wins the race, no sir, you’ll have to do more, much more. You’ll have to earn the title.

Trust me, start with the Drunk Rider and play until he gets sober. These games include both cars and bikes racing games. Some games are just about good old plain and smooth Le Mans race track while others will take you to much tougher terrains where you’ll need to hold on to your wheels with a tight grip. If you flip over, you’re out!

You have five cool games; Mad Trucker 2, Drunk Rider, CycloManiacs, TG Motocross 2 and highly entertaining Freeway Fallguy.

No matter what you’re riding or driving, whether it’s the dirt bike or a heavy truck if you know your driving, you sure can beat anyone on any track. Remember, when you’re on a bike and airborne, do as many tricks you can.