If you’re wondering why you only have four games on this page then you don’t fret. These four games are more than enough to hold you here for a long time. These are Sonic Games and you know even one sonic game is more addictive than a ton of other games.

Play the Final Fantasy Sonic and see how it feels like to battle the most powerful bad guys in the Sonic world. You won’t even have time to catch breakfast, it’s a busy day of crime fighting right from the start.

Or you can play Shadow the Hedgehog where you don’t play Sonic but play the Shadow. Fight the bad guys by using weapons or jumping right on top of your enemies. It’s just pure crime fighting fun and you’ll never get bored of it. Reach the finish line in the time limit and grab as many rings as you can on your way to your destination.

If you get too much of Sonic or Shadow, you can always switch to Tails Nightmare; it’s a different kind of adventure. Tails is a sneaky guy and has whole range of skills to reach the last stage and battle the bad guys.

However, if action adventure is not your cup of tea and you’re the more creative one, you can play Sonic Character Creator where you can go crazy with colors and character features.

Time for me to sign out and for you to press play!