It’s such a head-rush to watch Karate movies. All your favorite stars like Van Dam, Steven Siegel, Bruce Lee, Jet Lee and Jackie Chan inspired you in your childhood to throw kicks and punches that make the enemies bite the dust in a matter of seconds.

Ok enough chatter, let’s go right into the battle ground, to the dojo and start practicing some Casanova punches, I mean Sylvester Stallone punches. You have a total of nine Karate games here, plenty for you to keep punching and kicking all day long. It’s a matter of minutes and you’ll learn to play these games, they are pretty simple.

Karate Challenge, Karate Monkey, Karate Blazers, King of Fighters, Mad Karate Man, Martial Tricks, Shaolin Master, Stick Brawl and Taekwondo Show are all packed with crazy punch kick combinations.

Now let’s be honest, you won’t become a super star by playing these games I mean if you need to learn some kick punch Karate, you need to go to the gym but if you want to learn the Karate of mind, stay here and play any game. You’re sure to pick up a few tricks that you didn’t know before.

Stay fit, and keep playing these Karate Games.