It feels strange to know that there could be an avatar for one’s body. When you watch the movie Avatar, the rule doesn’t look so unreal, probably in the future it will be the reality to have avatars and clones.

But right now, that’s not our headache, as we’re here on this page to kick some bad guys’ butts and have some fun. One avatar that everyone can count on is the Last Air Bender Aang. And this page is full of Aang Games.

These games include; Avatar Aang On, Avatar 4 Nations Tournament, Avatar Ashes in the Air, Avatar Bending Battle, Avatar Black Sun Siege, Avatar Dangerous Dash, Avatar Earth Healers, Avatar Escape the Spirit World, Avatar Maker, Avatar Super Brawl 2, Avatar the Last Air Bender and Avatar Tree Top Trouble.

Now you tell me any one out of these mentioned games that is not worth it. Every game is worth playing and reaching the final stage. It is one thing to watch your favorite characters on TV and quite another when you get to move them around on the screen of your computer.

The Last Air Bender Aang is here for you, now you show him that you know your chakras!