Nickelodeon phenomenon just keeps getting better, no? There are seven fantastic Danny Phantom Games here and all of them are full of fun and action.

Start with Action Jack and blow the enemy into pieces. Play this game with mouse cursor. It’s your target practice alley so make good use of it. Or play the Fill Ins with Danny where you create your own Danny Phantom story. Bring out the Stephen King in you and create a Danny Phantom classic or create something really weird, a never-before-seen storyline. Fill in the blank spaces with your desired brain triggers and watch the magic happen.

If you get bored of one dimension, you can always go and play the Portal Problem and solve it. Just tumble down and find out how deep the rabbit-hole goes. You’ll fight weird creatures while floating through time & space portico.

But what good a Danny Phantom game is without getting into the good old fist fight? Play the Urban Jungle and beat the hell out of big foot and troll-snowman. Or if you get into the mood for a nice adventure, play Freak for All and reach your destination while avoiding life threatening traps.

If you are into really spooky ventures, hop on and go on a roller coaster ride with Mania 2 and the Ultimate Enemy.

As I said in the start, all games are action packed and you’ll be thrilled to reach the final stage of each game.