If you watched all Transformer movies but you still feel unsatisfied, I know exactly what you’re missing. You need to play Transformers Games to be able to get in to the action, up close and personal.

This page has 18 thrilling games of your favourite Autobots. So start playing and keep the AllSpark safe, away from the reach of evil Decepticons.

Start with Transformer Difference and see how well you know your favourite robots. You’ll need to spot the difference between two apparently similar looking robots. Click on the spot you think is different to mark it.

If you’re really motivated to save the earth, play Transformers Prestige and build a stronghold for Autobots. They are running from Megatron’s evil army Decepticons, and they have located some fine hideouts on planet earth. So rehabilitate them as they need to stay strong to protect the AllSpark.

When you get bored of monotonous actions, you can try Transformers games like; Transformers Rollout, Transformers Rpms Devastator’s Demise, Transformers Puzzle, Transformers Quest, Transformers Machine Renegade and Transformers Iron Ranger.

Still hungry for more? Choose from; Transformers Energon Within, Transformers Capture the Cube, Transformers Action Pack, Transformers AllSpark Highway, Transformers Animated Robot Builder, The Ultimate Transformers Quiz, Battle for the Matrix.

And last but not the least, play the video director in Transformers Video Mash Up and come up with something visually brilliant.

There you have it, all the Transformers action on one page.