You might think that times have changed and ancient art of war is no more but that’s hardly the case. In fact ancient war tactics are still being used around the world, even in modern war fare. Samurai and Ninja warfare is here to stay!

But I’m not here to lecture you on Japanese culture; I’m here to tell you that the spirit of Ninja is still alive. This Ninja Games page is full of sword slashing, sneak and stealth charming games.

No matter how big or small you are if you have the Ninja within you, you can conquer any army of the world. 3 Foot Ninja 1 & 2 show you how technique beats power nine out of ten times while Bowja The Ninja 2 takes the Ninja training to the next level.

Choose your Ninja Battle ground from; Climbing Ninja, N The Way of the Ninja, Dragon Fist 3, Naruto Battle for Leaf Village, Ninja Dogs, Ninja Hunters, Ninja Quest, Ninja Rampage, Ninja Rinseout, Ninja Survival, Notebook Ninja.

To pump up the action one notch, play; Pirate vs. Ninja, Samurai Master, Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior, Straw Hat Samurai, Super Ninja Strike, The Lone Ninja, Way of the Chook or Yan Loong Legend 3.

There’s plenty of stuff for folks who want to go old school to sharpen their Ninja combat skills.