It was fascinating to watch movies like Back to the Future and the Matrix, they tell us about what we can expect from the future. One thing for sure is that robots will be an essential part of our lives. They will be with us throughout the day, taking care of our daily routine work.

There is hardly any doubt that the age of robots is upon us. You all must have watched the movie I, Robot, believe me that is the future and it is not very far from us. You just wait and see that robots will be running our lives. So prepare yourselves!

Oh no not for battle, robots are not your enemies, they can be your humble servants. One way you can understand robots is to play some cool robot games.

Wait, where are you going? You’ve come to the right page; it has all the robot action you need to get acquainted with the automated metal figures.

Choose from all these cool robot games; Boombot, Bionicle Napuro, Build a Robot, Collateral Damages, Giant Robot, Hotseat Gunner, Mecha Dress Up, Panda Wars, Robo Chess, Robo Pogo, Robot Dinosaur, Robot Monkey City, Toriflash, Traffic Trouble and Transformers Creator.

Remember, artificial intelligence is the way forward; science fiction will be the reality one day.