Isn’t it wonderful, the life of amphibians? Well toads and frogs get the best of both worlds; the earth and the water. If you really want to know more about frogs, you should play games on this page. Of course you’re not getting anything out of this page for your homework, you have Wikipedia for that.

Enter into the world of frogs in Frog Games. Start with any game and you’ll love the experience. It’s not what you play it’s how you play it, so show some skills in living the life of these fascinating animals. Get to know them and may be you’ll stop complaining that you have too many frogs in your front lawn.

You might think that they are filthy creatures, they catch bugs and live in dirty waters, well one frog heard you whining and went to city but he’s having trouble while crossing the road in this serious traffic. The game is called Frog 3D and you need to help this guy cross the road.

Other five Frog Games include; Frogit 2, Frog Leap, Kamikaze Frog, Jumping Frog and Frog Mania. Play any and you will be hooked on for hours as you’ll keep trying to get in the head of these guys.

You only have to accept the reality and sometimes live life in someone else’ shoes, try it, be it the shoes of a frog.