Imagine if you were in a boat in the waters of a beautiful European city, it would be marvelous. You’ll be rowing along over the sparkling waters under the sun, not a worrisome thought on your mind, just the bright sun above and clear waters below. You’ll simply get immersed in the scene, won’t you?

Well, that can’t be done every time you wish for such a wish but what can happen is you come to this page and start playing these highly captivating Boat Games. A total of nine games await you, and all are filled with fun and laughter.

In one game, you’ll be saving carrots and in another you’ll be saving penguins, pretty interesting right? Well that’s not all; you can be nostalgic as you can have some fun even with paper boats and blowing at them with your mouth to move them as if real wind were filling their masts and sailing them across the Pacific Ocean.

Carrot Rescue, Dwarf on a Wharf, Docking Perfection, Love at the Lake, Paper Boat Blowing, Critter Cubes, Park My Boat, Penguin Panic and Wakeboarding are all filled with boat steering action.

You won’t stop at just one!