The title of this page might be difficult to anticipate what’s coming, but lemme assure you that almost everything is coming. This is a collage of construction and destruction. In one game you’ll be demolishing all kinds of buildings and structures and in another you’ll be establishing your chain of fast foods, it is that interesting.

And if you’re a parkor fan you’ll love Mirror’s edge. It takes the street running to the next level. You’ll be swinging from one building to another, dodging the oncoming stuff and doing different speedy tricks you can only imagine.

And what fun is it in a city if it doesn’t have those typical streets where you play cricket with your pals? Gully Cricket is there for you to have some bat swinging fun right in the middle of the street. If you hit the women at the end of the street you get special points.

Other games on this page include; La Traffic Mayhem, Little Chef, Pimp My Smart, My New Town, Sex and the City, Ponies in the City, Shopping City and Skateboard City.

There you have it, all games that take place in the city at different places all on one page. Just click and start playing!