When you’re having an awfully stressful day and nothing is cheering you up, play these Mini Games and you’ll be fresh again as if your batteries have been replaced with fresh ones.

You have a total of 11 Mini Games to choose from, I suggest playing all of them. They all have different content and will keep you engaged for hours. These games are stress relieving and fun to play. Your work buddies can even watch and enjoy as simplicity is attracts everyone.

It is not necessary to play a 3D first person shooter game which takes away your whole day to complete one mission, sometimes you only need simple and fun games that you can enjoy while listening to music or even talking to your buddies.

These Mini Games include Ready Go, Toybox Rally, 2009 Flash Olympics, Flower Mini Golf, Mi Adventures, Mimatch Mini Mall, Mini Moto, Mini Ping Pong, Mini Putt, Mini Train and Mushroom Home Decoration.

All of these games are nice and easy to play. Just sit back, grab your mouse and pad, play these relaxing games and forget how mean your boss is to you. Once you’re in the gaming zone you’ll see the beauty in life.