When you read the word train, no matter what kind of train pops up in your head; the Mission Impossible bullet train or those steam engine trains from Texas, they have some fascination attached to their sound and speed. You must have been the passenger of a train once, now get up close and personal with these machines and get behind the wheels.

You have seven fascinating Train Games on this page to choose from. In some of these train marvels like Build the Bridge, you build a bridge for the train, as soon as you’re done building it, press the GO button and the train will travel on that track safe and sound. In games like Railroad Tycoon 3 and Railroad 3, you don’t have to push any button, the train comes when its time.

Other games like the Shape Train, 2 and 3 teach young ones about different shapes and colors. The train driver will give you hints and your job would be to identify the correct shape or color and drag it on to its appropriate box. When you’re done with filling in the boxes, the train will take off for its destination.

Magic Toy Factory tests your shooting skills. Just pop the goodies on the ceiling and catch them with the toy train running below the cannon.

Feel great not just good, you’re building tracks for trains, collecting toys and learning shapes in these Train Games.