Some people just love taking care of their gardens. They love pruning and watering plants and they don’t care about their hands getting dirty. It’s in fact a good thing because you learn the most when you get your hands dirty.

The great thing with garden games is when you play them, you feel like building something, creating something and when you deal with plants and gardens in your real life you definitely feel more affectionate towards them. These games do invoke some passion in the player about gardening.

You have a total of 15 Garden Games on this page, plenty to keep you busy for hours. Some of these games are really simple and you don’t even need to read the instructions page, other games will truly test your skills of gardening. Growing for Life is one such game where the whole Gardening thing takes place in detail.

Play from; Grabbit Rabbit the Guarded Guardian, Lollys Garden, Garden Girl, Painting, Gardener Girl Dress Up, Garden Décor, Emily and the Elven Garden, Fairy garden, Fruit Fantasy Garden Décor, The Gardener, Wedding Garden Decoration, Bomber Kid, Tarnation, Strawberry Shortcake How a Garden Grows and Magic Garden Makeup.

Every game teaches you something, just be open to learning.