Japanese animations fascinate a lot of people. There is something really attractive about them that captivate the viewers. One such product from Japanese Manga animation power house is the Naruto series by Masashi Kishimoto.

This page has lots of Naruto games, a total of 16 games to be precise. All of these are highly engaging, and if you are a fan of Naruto, you’ll love them. If you’ve not heard about Naruto, be sure to become a fan of these super animations.

Some of these games are super-fast; you need to catch the real guy from its clones in Naruto Clone Game. This is one game that will test your speed and accuracy. Try to be present ‘in the moment’ when the game starts. If you’re mentally present, you’ll nail it!

Other Naruto games include; Naruto Dating Game, Naruto Dating Sim, Naruto Create a Character, Female Character Dress Up, Hand Sign Training, Naruto Battle Grounds, Zabuza Shadow Clone Game, Dress Up Sakura Game, Dress Up Hinata Game.

If you want to see Naruto in a different style, play; Naruto Kunai Dodging Game, Naruto Star Students, Sasuke Tree Climbing Training, Naruto Fighting Game, Naruto Head Olympics, Naruto Invaders.

These are enough games for you to keep playing all day long. Just make sure that you have taken care of necessary tasks before pressing play.