You think you’re a hot shot? Let’s prep you up for some real challenge. Play these mini bowling games and prove that you have the power and precision to knock out any pin set in the world.

Most of these games are played with mouse cursor. Take for instance Pins Headz, it’s a fast paced bowling game where you swirl and twirl the bowling ball with the click of the mouse.

The objective of the game is similar to any standard bowling game; take out as many pins as possible in least number of tries. An arrow will be moving from right to left, you need to make use of that arrow movement and click to release the ball.

Lemme give you a hint for Pins Heads, when the arrow moves to your right and you shoot exactly at that moment, the ball will curl to the left. You need to make use of this principle to take out the pins.

This page is packed with fantastic bowling games including; Banana Bowling, Bowling Mania, Super Bowl, Bowling Master, Disco Bowling, Fish Bowling, League Bowling and Mini Bowling.

If you’re into analyzing the game play, you’ll find these mini games quite precise. Every time you play it right, you’re sure to hit the pins with same intensity. There are no slacks or glitches here.

Practice your bowling skills and claim the title of undisputed bowling champion!