If you are looking for some action packed thrills, then this is the right place for you. Iron Man is a fictional character which first appeared in the Marvel comic books series. Since the comic books were published the Iron man character had spawned many different TV shows, Movies, comics and even games. Join Tony Stark, a billionaire engineer who is infamous for his playboy nature and big ego. Tony Stark is a genius engineer who was kidnapped but evil people in order to force him to make them a weapon of mass destruction. Instead of giving into the demands of his captors he designed a powered suit of armor so that he can save his life and escape. This Powered suit of armor was the beginning of the creation of the superhero, Iron Man, as we know him today.

When Tony Stark got captured he had sustained an injury to his chest. Once he escaped and found medical treatment he discovered that the metal shrapnel lodged in his chest could not be removed without killing him. Due to this injury Stark was forced to continue to wear a metal shield on his chest so that the situation does not worsen. Together with other weapons that his company had developed the armored suit was redesigned and made to withstand any dangerous force he may encounter. With this suit Stark was ready to tackle all the evil forces that threatened innocent civilians.

Here at Gamesowl you can join Iron Man while he embarks on his missions to fight the evil forces. Help him in defending his city by using careful thought out strategies. In some games you may need to identify the correct suit he needs to use in order to complete the mission. Other games include Iron Man dressup where you have to design your own suit for hero. Another action packed Iron Man game is; Iron Man Air Combat. In this game you need to be Iron Man’s aid and to help him kill off all the enemies by firing at them. You can also drop bombs on the artillery but make sure you land properly and safely.

Design Suits, Deploy Weaponry, Defeat the Enemies, All the Iron Man Action in one Place !