If you’re looking for some good games that involve horses then the horse games category at Owl Games is the one for you. Full of fun and adventure, the selection is sure to satisfy the most inquisitive of minds, a swell as provide hours of entertainment.

There are plenty of games that require skill in this section. One of the most popular horse games in the section is the game called ‘Egyptian Horse’. This game features a horse that has to run through the desert and avoid all sorts of obstacles by jumping over them. The pace is quick, but there is enough of a learning curve to make sure that you don’t find it too difficult to enjoy.

‘Jump Off’ is another delightful game, and is one that should appeal to any young girl who has ever wanted a pony, or to learn how to ride. Here you have a delightful character and her horse who takes part in some jump trials. The horse must be guided through a series of jumps in each round, making sure to not only clear the jumps but also get it all done quickly and smartly. It is great fun and highly addictive.

Ride a Horse is a great game that really allows you to experience what it feels like to ride a jumping horse. This is highly addictive and really fits in well with the horse theme.

All the games have high quality graphics and a lot of fun attached to them. The makers of the games have obviously thought about creating content that people of all ages can enjoy, not just youngsters. There are a number of games in this section and the variety involved in the games means that you should find something you like quite easily. So buckle up and get galloping in these fun horse games now!