Pokémon is one of the biggest gaming phenomenons in recent years, spawning a huge industry devoted to finding new ways to represent battles between the creatures. Ever since the Pokémon craze exploded in the nineties, youngsters have become addicted to the playing cards, the TV shows and movies. There is a lot of fun to be had with the Pokémon characters, and the Pokémon section of Games Owl shows that there is also a lot of scope when it comes to video games. Here you will find two examples of high quality video gaming with the Pokémon franchise expertly rendered and utilized within the gaming format.

Digimon versus Pokémon is a great example of a short movie that has been created by fans for fans. It really shows a great tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, bringing the world of Pokémon and Digimon to life. In it the two heroes of the games face off against each other with one of them giving in when the end comes, in a rather surprising way. This is a really fun and exciting homage to the Pokémon franchise.

You also get a chance to play Pokémon Tower defense. Like all Tower Defense games this one relies upon you using a great sense of timing and skill to make sure that your tower is safe fomo attackers. However, the game also makes great use of the Pokémon franchise, with the recognizable characters leaping out of every part of the game to give you a great time as a player. This high quality game really makes the bets of Pokémon, and should not be missed, by lovers of both Tower Defense games and Pokémon alike.

The Pokémon franchise is a very popular one and these titles make it easy to see why. These games have high quality work with a real fondness for the game source that they come from.