Tower defense games have really risen in popularity over the last couple of years, due in no small part to their explosion onto the mobile game scene, with many of the mobile platforms containing apps that are tower defense games. Fans of the genre really can’t get enough of the very simple concept behind the games, which basically involve you taking control of a tower, and then doing your best to stop anyone of the enemy factions from getting anywhere near the tower. While it is a very simple concept, it still means that you have to use your wits and manage your stress levels as the enemy hordes approach. Here at Games Owl we have some fantastic versions of the genre, with hours of fun guaranteed for anyone who likes the tower defense style. Take a look at these games if this style of play appeals to you.

One of the most addictive games on this section is Penguins Attack 3. This is one of the simplest examples of the genre, but it works so well and this is probably right down to the simplicity itself. All you do here is work through your armory, creating enough stations from which to defeat the advancing penguins. Sounds Crazy? Well, it is, with enough weird moments to make anyone question what it is they are doing. It is also fiendishly addictive, with plenty of hours of gameplay in such a small game.

Perhaps the most exciting games in the section is Tower Supremo. This involves you building a tower with bricks, and doing your very best to not let the tower fall down. This is harder than it sounds, and relies on gravity. The physics are great, and this is a highly addictive game.

The tower defense games here are fun, highly challenging, and great news for anyone who likes a good time.