Follow Goku while he embarks on his adventures in search of the seven mystical orbs known as the Dragon Balls. Follow his progress as he trains in the martial arts and explores the world. The Dragon Balls that he is out to get can summon a wish-granting dragon when collected. Help Goku make friends and challenge the villains who are also out to get the Dragon Balls and use them for their own evil will.

Here at GamesOwl we have collected a wide range of Dragon Ball Z games that are filled with all the adventure and suspense that Goku and his friends go through. Play games like Dragon Ball Z Fighting where you choose your character and your enemy and battle one another face to face. Other games include Dragon Ball Z Defender where your mission is to defend earth from his enemies. Using Goku’s superhuman strength, you can blast his enemies back to where they belong!

Goku and his friends are waiting for you to start the adventure. Help him collect all 7 Dragon Balls so that the power does not land up lying in the wrong hands. It’s up to you! Use your skills and powers to get to the next level!