What is it all about?
Launching games has scored high in the popularity contest between the online flash games. These games have proved to captivate people’s hearts from all ages and backgrounds. These games are not as basic as they may seem. Launching games require accuracy and skill in order to get a high score and finish each level. Games such as Burrito Bison and Toss the turtle have become so popular that people can’t help but get addicted to playing these games. With today’s new technology and almost realistic graphics launching games have gone to the next level.

GamesOwl has collected a wide range of games that will keep you coming back for more. All our launching games have what it takes to make it a fun game to play; A good story line, great graphics and cool sound effects. Play games like Hedgehog Launch 2 where your mission is to launch a hedgehog all the way through the earth’s core, to the the other side of the globe, and into space! Sounds hard? Well it’s addictive and will bring you coming back for more. Try it out now. Other games that have reached true popularity is Crash Test Launcher, here you need to test your car and see how far your dummy can survive. Launch your car and the harder the crash the higher your score will be.

We have collected a wide range of launching games that will keep you coming back for more. Have a look at our page and pick a game that will launch you into your own galaxy!