The Yoshi games at Games Owl are incredibly good fun. For decades now Yoshi has been the fun sidekick to the world famous character of Mario, the crazy Italian plumber who is forever trying to save princess Peach. Along the way he always runs into trouble with Bowser. Bowser is his archenemy, who is trying to kidnap the princess and wipe Mario off the face of the earth. While Mario does have Luigi alongside him, it is Yoshi who steals the hearts of players, a cute dinosaur who always does his best to help his master succeed. The Nintendo characters have long been a firm favorite among games’ players the world over, with truly international appeal. Our selection of games pays homage to their legacy, and carry on the tradition of great platform adventures and frenetic racing games.

The standout game in the selection is Mario Kart Free. This is based on the incredibly successful Mario Kart game series, which has consistently been a top seller for Nintendo. In this version you get to race as Mario alongside all of the classic characters, including the famous Yoshi. The graphics are great and the fluidity of racing is a surprise for such a neat little game.

You also get to have a platform experience too. For example, in “Mario in Ben 10 World”, you get to play the classic platform game that Mario is famous for, but in the Ben 10 setting. This gives players the best of both worlds as they try and save the day.

Mario is iconic, and Yoshi has always been part of the Mario legend. This selection of games makes it easy to slip right back into the fun aspects of Nintendo’s most famous characters. Great graphics and even better gameplay combine to make an unforgettable experience with these games.