Everyone loves a bit of magic in their life, and the magic games at Games Owl are incredibly good fun. Packed with puzzle elements, as well as some intriguing examples of other genres. There is plenty here to amuse and entertain anyone who likes a challenge. At the same time, the games are not too taxing; so don’t expect to be frustrated when you are playing. Nothing will get in the way of a good time. Each of the titles has fun very much as a watchword, so there is nothing too serious here, just a general sense that magic is a fun theme and that there is plenty of excitement to be had.

Perhaps the most addictive game here is Dino Blitz. Players love this little gem, with hour’s and hours of addictive gameplay guaranteed through the simple task of arming and firing projectiles at a dinosaur. This sounds a little basic, but millions of players find it addictive. Sometimes it is the simplest games that offer the biggest reward and in this case that is very true.

Then we have Bird Family, which is another highly addictive game that has quite possibly the simplest levels of gameplay you could imagine. Guide your bird family around an ever-changing sky. Avoid dangers like a witch on a broom and the bigger birds who are clearly hungry for your chicks. It is hard to describe just how addictive this game is, but it does offer hours of play for anyone who likes a little bit of a challenge with their games.

The theme of magic is perennially popular, and these games expound that theme with a vengeance. You will love the simple gameplay, and the constant feeling that you are playing some truly magical titles that are great fun for all the family.